Deadfall Trap

You will need a knife, a three inch pinky-sized stick , and a three inch stick about half that diameter .img_0803

Cut in half way through the  larger stick img_0807

This will be done by tapping your knife into the stick . Then turn the stick around and about a half inch down repeat the process on the other  side.


Next, bend the stick sending a split to connect the two cuts . Then completely separate the two sides .


Then square off the stick .


Repeat on other side .


You want them to fit together nice and flush.


Then cut a notch in the smaller stick just big enough to go around both sides of the bigger stick.


img_0832img_0835img_0836Your trap is now ready, so find a rock and lets set it up.  Hold the two sides of the bigger stick together and lean the rock on the two sides.  The rock will try to separate the two  sides, but insert the notch around the two sides. Doing so will hold them together. Then place your bait on the end of the smaller stick.  When the animal attempts to eat the bait, the smaller stick will fall off allowing the rock to separate the sticks and fall on the animal.img_0843img_0845img_0846


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