Survival Food Pine Bark


It may sound crazy but yes, you can eat bark! The inner bark of a white pine is edible and is packed with protein, carbs, and calories.


     There are three layers of bark on a white pine. The outer bark is the brown visible to the eye; then there is a green layer followed by a white layer. You want to shave off the first two layers and harvest the white bark.

white inner bark

The raw bark can be chewed like gum, or you can roast it like a chip. It also makes a great tea if you steep it in hot water.

Between acorns and pine bark you can have a good amount of carbs in your diet which is the hardest thing to find in a survival situation.


Acorns covered on in this post.


One thought on “Survival Food Pine Bark

  1. Good info about the carbs! You probably already know, but you can also make tea from the pine needles. Pine needle tea has lots of vitamin C, and tastes good too.


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