How To Light a Fire With a Ferro Rod

When lighting a fire with a ferro rod you will need ideal tinder. In my area dried poplar bark is the best stuff around in the pictures bellow you can get an idea of what it looks like.


Then take the back of your knife and scrape fine shavings of bark. Do this until you have a large heap of shavings.


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img_0923Next put the tip of the ferro rod in the nest of tinder and strike the farro rod. It can take quite a few strikes, but with practice this method can be very  effective. img_0924This tinder nest only took me three strikes to light. But do not be discouraged if it takes you a while. On your first try making a fire like this you may give up and resort back to matches, but after a few fires you will be getting it in two and three strikes! Now if you are interested in always having the confidence to get a fire in the first few strikes, then check out the Lightning Strike Fire Starter. It is simply the best on the market! I did not use it in this demonstration because I know that most people have the “old fashion kind,” but if you want the best the Lightning Strike is the way to go.


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Once you’ve got the tinder lit, slowly add small twigs and leaves until your fire gets bigger and bigger.


Make sure your fire is completely out before you leave.  Smoky will like you much better that way!img_0944


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