Handmade Axe Handle and Sheath

    When my axe handle broke I really didn’t want to buy a new one, so I decided to make one my self. I found a nice dogwood branch, which to most people’s surprise is the strongest wood there is,and I got to work shaping and whittling the handle.  Then I sanded it to make it smooth.  I don’t know if I will treat the wood with oil after it has dried as not everyone is agreed on that method.

     I made the mistake of making the end that the axe head slides onto a bit too small. If not properly taken care of this will result in a loose axe head. But with lots of wedges, nails, and other things I made it nice and tight


Perhaps even more makeshift than the head attachment is the sheath. This was made with duct tape and an old sock, and works quite nice.

After all this hard work I wanted to protect my handle, so I made a paracord wrap that will help the handle to withstand any direct blows.

Now I have a quality axe that will hopefully last a lifetime!


16 thoughts on “Handmade Axe Handle and Sheath

  1. Nice job, Cort. If you make wooden wedges, it will be much easier to get the handle out of the head, if the handle splits or breaks. Dogwood will soak up linseed oil nicely, if you decide to oil it.Do you have a draw knife to shape things with? If not, I’ll give you one that belonged to your great grandfather.


  2. Very nice work! Love your ingenuity. You would be so blessed to get the draw knife that was your great grandfather’s. Keep up the good work!


  3. The paracord is a nice addition to protect the handle ! Good thinking. I’ve broke an axe or two in my day. Only takes one poor swing or lack of attention.

    wooden wedges are a nice suggestion 🙂

    I sometimes use cardboard and duct tape to make my axe head covers. A sock is a great idea too, especially a sock with a lil oil on it, to keep your steel rust free.

    This is great ! Looking forward to following more of your experiences in the future.


  4. Excellent display of self-reliance, Cort! Great to see other young men pursuing a life of self-reliance. I’m an 8th grade math teacher in Georgia and teach my students survival skills at my school when time allows. It’s so refreshing to see young people today learning this stuff!
    I found you by way of your mom’s FB post to Alan Kay who happens to be a friend of mine. Thank her for me will you. I’d like to do a feature article on you to help promote your blog and encourage other kids to learn to be more self-reliant.

    Keep Doing the Stuff of Self-Reliance, young man!
    P.S. – I’d like to get permission from you and your mom concerning an interview for the article on my blog. Y’all can contact me via email at: “survivalsherpa at gmail dot com” and we can go from there if you’re interested. I look forward following your journey!


  5. You did a great job with the axe handle. I have always wanted to make one using the axe head as my only tool. I always have my bushcraft knife and folding saw in the woods but feel it would be a good test to see if I could get the job done with only the broken axe.

    Good on you for getting out there and living bushcraft rather than just reading about it and buying new gear. You learn this stuff by doing. Go out and play!


  6. Very good job. I miss the dogwood of the mountains now that I’m back in Florida. I made a very nice mallet from a piece I used with a froe. But it broke sadly.

    like Lucas said, add a little oil to that sock sheath. Great way to protect the head. Really good idea.

    Keep up the wonder of the woods buddy. It will serve you well in life.


  7. That is a great job and project. Honestly well done top to bottom. I really appreciated the paracord wrap and that DIY sheath, lol, that is a beaut. I love it. I would maybe invest in a striker plate protector just under the axe head. I think that is partly why you said you did the paracord wrap. Good stuff.


  8. Hi Cort

    Have you heard of The Bushcraft Magazine? It’s a quarterly magazine produced in the UK but posted all over the world that is packed full of articles and how to guides. We have a section called “crafty young foxes” where youngsters such as yourself can submit craft articles. I really loved your clever thinking on how to create the axe mask from duct tape and an old sock. So if you fancy the chance of being published check out our web page and use the contact page to get in touch with me.

    Keep up the great work


  9. Great blog post Corton, I had no idea about dogwood being the strongest. I have a new handle myself, not as nice as yours, but haven’t figured out how to remove the wood from my old axe head:) Keep writing, I look forward to reading more of your posts!


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