Get Out There and Climb a Tree!


John Muir was trying to tell us something when he climbed up those trees to weather severe thunderstorms. . .when trouble comes. . . climb a tree! So I guess today school can be trouble enough to climb up the biggest tree around! 

        A massive white pine stood over 100 feet tall, so up, up, up  I went for both an amazing and  saddening view. Saddening because of a thick smoke that has set on this part of the Appalachians coming from 5 wild fires surrounding our home.

        Although there is smoke, the view is amazing. You can see I am quite high above the canopy, and the pictures below show that I am at the very top of this tree.

                                                           Some more pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Climbing can also be a bit more thrilling. Here I saw this tree and just had to dangle from its branch.

In this instance, I’m doing something called catskinning . That is where you jump of off something holing onto a young, springy tree!

    So this time all I’ve got to say is, get outside and climb a tree!


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