How To Make a Solar Powered Survival Shelter

To make this shelter,  you’ll first want to find a bank to dig into. I went about 2  1/2 feet in 3 feet down and 6 feet across. img_1370

Next, you need a sturdy fame. I made a tripod from three strong logs.

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    After that, lay sticks across the frame, and fill in the space.

   Next, stretch plastic over the frame. Make it nice and tight

Then cover it with leaves and dirt to insulate it. With a fire this shelter is very warm.

Now lets run the electricity. Take a water bottle and stick it a little bit out of the roof. When the sunlight hits the water bottle it will reflect into the shelter.

After that make a bed of leaves in the shelter and enjoy a warm, dry, comfy, well-lit shelter!


4 thoughts on “How To Make a Solar Powered Survival Shelter

  1. You are amazing Cort! My 6 year old Ethan is so into all that you do. Our next Blairsville trip I would love to bring him to see your shelters if that would be okay.


  2. Clever of you to create this. You certainly are able to do it and explain it to others. Can’t wait to see what is the next survival idea you show us.

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