The Swamp Bed

Raised beds are useful for cold survival situations where they keep you off the cold ground and the heat from your fire can radiate up from underneath you.  A swamp bed is slightly different because it is useful in wet, humid environments where it may not be very cold, but moisture can still tap the heat out of your body.  Here’s my first attempt at a swamp bed.  To begin I lashed five sticks together making a the frame. My ropes were a bit short, but I thought it would be fine.

After that I made the base. It is simply four sticks nailed together like a picture frame. Then I attached the two together. When I picked it up I realized that the lashings were loose. My ropes were too short. I had tried to take a short cut, but the only person I cheated was myself. As my coach always says,” You can’t do the right thing the wrong way.”  So I sorted it out and moved on.

Then I hoisted it up into the air, wrapped a sheet around the frame, and enjoyed a nice comfortable bed off the cold hard ground.IMG_1538.JPG


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