Dandelion Coffee

Coffee is an important part of my morning routine, one that when in the woods can sometimes be missed. Well it does not have to be! The humble dandelion can be made into a great supplement. All you need is an old tin and some dandelions. Take your tin ( I used an Altoids tin) and poke a hole in it.

IMG_2111Then find some dandelions, dig up their roots, wash the roots off, and put them in your tin.

Now light a fire and nestle the closed tin with the roots inside into the fire. Leave it in the fire for around 5 minutes. I left mine in for too long this time, so they were a bit too charred.

Next take the tin out and try to grind up the charred roots. Because mine was left in too long the roots were easily ground into a powder. If done correctly, you should be able to grind it up a bit but not all the way. This will give you maximum flavor.

Finally pour your “grinds” into a cup of boiling water, stir it around, let it steep for a few minutes, and enjoy!IMG_2125I am not drinking soda I just took the top off a pop can and use it for boiling water! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Dandelion Coffee

  1. I have tried dandelion coffee Cort, I do want to try your coffee freshly brewed to see how it tastes! Next time we are down I would love for you to make me some!


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