How to Make a Virtually Smokeless Fire Pit

We all love fire, but we all hate smoke.  So I wanted to make a fire pit that could reduce smoke as much as possible. Smoke is attracted to large objects, and the people around a fire are usually the largest objects making the smoke go toward them. I dug down about 2 feet for my fire pit. This will make the smoke be attracted to the walls of the pit which will in turn direct the smoke upward.

Now that the smoke is directed up I worked on eliminating the smoke. If your fire is hot, you will have less smoke because the smoke is all being burnt up. I dug a vent hole from the side of my pit to the outside of my shelter. This allows the fire to have much more oxygen which will make it much hotter. It also creates an up draft so what little smoke is left will all go straight up.


vent hole from inside the fire pit

From the other side of the vent hole I can feel the air being drawn through the hole.


  As you can see, combining these techniques makes for a fire with minimal smoke.



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